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Our classes are currently offered in person or on demand. We are flexible and dedicated to meeting your needs in this space. Currently, we offer yoga and Kinstretch™.

Each class is offered by an instructor who specializes and excels in the field of instruction that is being offered. Participants also benefit tremendously from our small group setting, which fosters the utmost in personal comfort, class flexibility, and customizable instruction.

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Yoga Mobility Flow
Yoga Mobility Flow

Yoga Mobility Flow

Yoga Mobility Flow class combines the rhythm of a vinyasa class with the science behind mobility.

Mobility refers to your ability to actively control your ranges of motion, especially at end range. Flexibility only describes your tissue’s ability to lengthen.

This class is vigorous but suitable for beginners. Expect a longer holds and isometric work, slow joint rotations, and breathing geared towards strengthening your diaphragm.


Kinstretch™ is a joint and tissue conditioning system that trains body control, mobility and USABLE ranges of motion.

Mobility refers to the amount of usable motion a person has across a joint. This is different than flexibility which does not necessitate a person’s active control over their maximum range of motion. Improving mobility maximizes movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.

In a Kinstretch™ class, expect a combination of focused joint rotations, segmental spinal movements, transitioning slowly between ground-based positions, as well as passive stretches followed by progressively stronger isometric contractions.

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What is the difference between yoga and Kinstretch™?

Yoga emphasizes flexibility and spiritual practice, while Kinstretch™ focuses on joint mobility and tissue conditioning.

What is the science behind Kinstretch™?

Kinstretch™ is rooted in joint training and tissue conditioning, aiming to improve body control, mobility, and functional movement. It focuses on enhancing usable ranges of motion across joints through specific exercises such as joint rotations, spinal movements, and isometric contractions. By prioritizing active control over flexibility, Kinstretch™ promotes better movement mechanics and reduces injury risk.

Does Kinstretch™ build muscle?

Yes, Kinstretch™ can contribute to muscle development by promoting strength gains through controlled, progressive movements and isometric contractions. While its primary focus is on improving mobility and joint function, the engagement of muscles during Kinstretch™ exercises can lead to muscle growth and improved overall strength over time.

What are the benefits of Kinstretch™?

Kinstretch™ enhances joint mobility, flexibility, and body awareness, reducing injury risks, and promoting better movement patterns and alignment. It boosts strength, eases pain, and enhances athletic performance, contributing to overall well-being.