Baseline Concussion Testing

What is it? Who needs it?

Jessica Carlin

Baseline Concussion Testing is geared at gathering data on healthy brain function prior to injury that can be compared to post injury/incident state.

At the movement guild, understand the importance of athlete well-being and are dedicated to providing the most advanced care in sports rehabilitation and performance.
Utilizing cutting-edge equipment such as infrared video frenzel goggles, Right Eye technology, and a perturbation ‘balance’ plate, we can gather invaluable baseline metrics about the oculomotor and vestibular systems. These metrics are seamlessly integrated into our tailored rehab and performance programs, maximizing your potential and ensuring a safe return to sport.

Why Do we look so closely at eye movements? Eye dysfunction is closely associated with concussions and neck pain. By uncovering pre-existing oculomotor dysfunction, we gain deeper insights into your condition. This knowledge empowers us to provide personalized care that specifically addresses your needs and expedites your recovery process.


We firmly believe that understanding these dysfunctions is particularly valuable when working with high-level athletes. Especially, Considering the prevalence of concussions in sports. By utilizing Baseline Concussion Testing, we can provide a higher level of granularity when determining your readiness to return to sport following a concussion or neck injury.

This testing and information gathering is equally useful for non-athletes as well. Eye movement dysfunction (whether related to concussions or not) can result in attention, problem solving speed, and memory challenges as well as chronic neck pain.

At The Movement Guild, we prioritize your safety and long-term well-being. Our team of experts, alongside our state-of-the-art equipment, enables us to offer cutting-edge care that is tailored to your unique needs. We are passionate about delivering exceptional services and ensuring that every patient receives the comprehensive care they deserve.

If you’re an athlete looking to optimize your performance, recover from a concussion or neck injury, or simply want to prioritize your health, we invite you to experience the benefits of Baseline Concussion Testing at The Movement Guild. Take the first step towards a safer, more successful journey in sport.

For more information or to schedule your Baseline Concussion Testing appointment, please contact our friendly team. Together, let’s elevate your performance and well-being to new heights!

Jessica Carlin
Jessica Carlin

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