The Movement Guild Podcast

This podcast is meant to be a conversation for those who love human movement and want to improve their craft. Our intention is to have a fun conversation with experts in the vast field of Human Movement Science, because we found ourselves doing that anyway. We hope you enjoy listening, and perhaps you’ll learn something along the way!

S3E7 Quinn Kearney

Welcome to another episode of The Movement Guild Podcast.   During this episode we interview our Read more

S3E6: Nick Studholme & Adam

Here's another special episode between AW and Nick Studholme.  It was a fun & fact filled Read more

S3E5: Alyson Evans

We spoke with Dr. Alyson Evans, Founder & CEO of a new company called Fringe. Fringe has some Read more

S3E4: Evan Osar

JC & AW had a fantastic conversation with our friend and colleague, Dr. Evan Osar. Evan is the Read more

S3E3: Eric Cobb

JC & AW had a wide ranging and fun conversation with Dr. Eric Cobb, the founder & CEO of Z Health Read more

S3E2: Tom Michaud

Dr. Tom Michaud is back on the podcast this week & it was a great conversation!  We discussed the Read more

S3E1: Jim Bennitt

This week JC & AW speak with Jim Bennitt. Jim is a a former wrestler, massage therapist and clerk Read more

The Grinding My Gears Episode w Mike Stella

In this special episode, Adam & his good buddy Mike Stella (ATC, owner of the Movement Underground) Read more

S2E7: Michol Dalcourt

JC & AW had a fantastic conversation with Michol Dalcourt. AW has been friends with Michol since Read more

S2E6: Helena Esmonde

This week JC & AW interview Helena Esmonde, who is a PT & entrepreneur who invented the Read more

S2E5: Charlie Weingroff

JC & AW had a fantastic conversation with Charlie Weingroff. Charlie is a PT, ATC, Strength Coach Read more

E3S4: Jill Miller from Yoga Tune Up

JC & AW had a really awesome conversation with Jill Miller who is an educator, author, fascia geek Read more

S2E3: Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM

In this episode, JC & AW have a fantastic conversation with Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM about the feet Read more

S2E2: Dr. Gary Gray, PT

This week JC and AW have a great conversation with Dr. Gary Gray. Gary is a PT, founder of The Gray Read more

Updates & Transition to The Movement Guild Podcast!

Welcome back.  It's been awhile since we've brought you a new podcast & we're excited to be back Read more

Episode 27: Lenny Parracino, CMT, FAFS

Join Nick and Adam for a great conversation with movement therapist Lenny Parracino. We discussed Read more

Episode 26: Brett Jarosz, DC

Join Nick and Adam for a great conversation with Australian Chiropractor Brett Jarosz where we Read more

Episode 25: Nick & Adam vol. 3

It's been awhile, but Nick and Adam are the guests on this episode. N & A had a good conversation Read more

Episode 24: Tony Mikla, PT

In this episode, the guys had a great conversation with physical therapist Tony Mikla. Tony is one Read more

Episode 23: Derek Hanson

Join us for a great disccusion with International sports performance consultant Derek Hansen. Derek Read more

Episode 22: David George, DC

Nick and Adam are excited about this episode, because David George is a friend and mentor Read more

Episode 21: Diane Jacobs, PT

In this episode, Physiotherapist Diane Jacobs joins us to talk about her book, Read more

Episode 20: Tom Michaud

Interested in orthotics, biomechanics, and foot function? Check out our latest podcast with Read more

Episode 19: Sue Falsone

This conversation with Sue Falsone is one we were really looking forward to, and it didn't Read more

Episode 18: Michael Rintala

Episode 17: Nicky Kirk

This week the guys talked to who we consider the "third movement guy", Dr. Nicky Kirk.  Dr. Kirk Read more

Episode 16: Michael Shacklock

This week the guys speak with Michael Shacklock, physiotherapist, educator and author of the Read more

Episode 3 -Nicholas Studholme and Adam Wolf

Episode 15: Adam & Nick vol 2

Episode 14: Michol Dalcourt

This week, the guys talk with Michol Dalcourt, founder of the Institute of Motion and inventor of Read more

Episode 13: Todd Wright

In this episode, the guys talk with fellow movement geek and head Strength & Conditioning Coach of Read more

Episode 12: Todd Hargrove; 2 Movement Guys & a Guest

In this great episode with Todd Hargrove, we learn about his path towards understanding Better Read more

2 Movement Guys & a Guest Episode 11: Chris Johnson, PT

2 Movement Guys & a Guest Episode 10: Erson Religioso

This episode, Nick and Adam have the pleasure of talking with Erson Religioso, who is a physical Read more

Episode 9: Ask the Movement Guys

In this fun episode, as Nick and Adam answered questions taken from the listeners. The guys talk Read more

Episode 8 - with Guest Kathy Dooley

2 Movement Guys and a Guest Episode 7 - with Grant Hayes

Episode 6 Posture Pals

Episode 5 with David Tiberio

2 Movement Guy and a Guest


2 Movement Guys