Continuing Education

Practitioner education focusing on human movement science, pain science, and behavior change.

Integrative Biomechanics Course


This content is geared towards improving movement skills including assessments, treatment strategies, and interventions for all movement professionals with a desire to improve their skillset.

Each lesson includes articles, book chapters, and multiple videos for each topic in addition to a discussion forum


  • Define and associate integrated movement, including concepts of drivers and transformational zones and capacities during gait.
  • Apply and demonstrate assessment strategies utilizing principles of integrated movement using fascial connections, and gait analysis.
  • Differentiate and identify between capsular versus soft tissue restrictions and different strategies for treatment
  • Synthesize and integrate applications of fascia, human movement and pain science in an integrated workable format for rehabilitation.
  • Design and apply exercised based movement interventions appropriate for specific populations
  • Design and apply concepts of video gait analysis, including understanding the specific capacities of gait at each joint for each part of the gait cycle.
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​Introduction to:

A Brain Based Musculoskeletal Approach

Cohort learning with capped registration

16 Hours of CEU for PT, DC, ATC *

Exact date for the second cohort will be announced soon! (March 2021)

After this course, you will be able to: 

  • Define and describe  fundamentals of intervention, treatment hierarchy and relevance to pain and dysfunction.
  • Describe and apply the importance of central sensory integration and its relevance to movement quality.
  • Summarize and critique three major sensory systems and  interpret their interactions
  •  Apply and demonstrate Brain Based approaches to sensory & musculoskeletal assessments
  • Articulate and interpret the importance of  isolated integrated spectrums of movement
  • Create movement programs to engage the nervous system  to improve motor output.


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On Demand Videos

Our goal is to bridge the gap from rehabilitation to fitness and performance, an objective that shines through in our premium online video courses. These courses are designed to help movement professionals elevate their practice using a blend of anatomical, biomechanical, and physiological principles. Our practitioner education offerings are presented by Adam Wolf, renowned physical therapist, author, and teacher.

All sessions provide theoretical and hands on applications and are suitable for movement professionals (both clinical and non-clincal).

Training equipment at The Movement Guild
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Live Courses, On-Demand Courses, and Online Movement Mentorship

At The Movement Guild, we are pleased to offer a variety of courses, workshops, and mentorships designed to help you improve and expand upon your practice as a movement and wellness professional. Leverage our expertise in your quest to provide a richer and more meaningful experience to your clients.

In addition to our offerings geared toward professional education, we also host courses that are open to the public and held in our state-of-the-art facility in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood.

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