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Yoga for Low Back Pain

Co-developed by a physical therapist and yoga instructor, these themed series provide a safe setting to address common conditions (e.g. low back pain) within the context of a yoga class. All sessions are led by a massage therapist and yoga instructor.

Space is limited to ensure attention to the individual and a familial and educational environment. No prior experience with yoga is required but you need to be able to get on and off the floor.

Expect to work on increasing hip and thoracic motion, build central and pelvic stability, train optimal breathing (diaphragm conditioning), remap your brain’s awareness of key stabilizing musculature, down regulate your nervous system.

Yoga For Lower Back Pain
Yoga Mobility Flow

Yoga Mobility Flow

This class combines the rhythm of a vinyasa class with the science behind mobility.

Mobility refers to your ability to actively control your ranges of motion, especially at end range. Flexibility only describes your tissue’s ability to lengthen.

This class is vigorous but suitable for beginners. Expect a longer holds and isometric work, slow joint rotations, and breathing geared towards strengthening your diaphragm.


Mobility refers to the amount of usable motion a person has across a joint. This is different than flexibility which does not necessitate a person’s active control over their maximum range of motion. Improving mobility maximizes movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Kinstretch™ is a joint and tissue conditioning system that trains body control, mobility and USABLE ranges of motion.

In a class, expect a combination of focused joint rotations, segmental spinal movements, transitioning slowly between ground-based positions, as well as passive stretches followed by progressively stronger isometric contractions.

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