TMG recovery systems

Stress+Stress = Fatigue.
Stress+Recovery =Performance

The term recovery describes modalities that do not stress your body.

At TMG we offer both active and passive recovery systems. Both are geared at helping your body restore in between taxing activities including vigorous exercise.

Passive Recovery Tools

Cold Immersion and Heat Therapy

TMG offers recovery rooms at all locations featuring state of the art cold immersion tubs and full spectrum infrared saunas.

Why do we offer cold immersion and sauna (heat) therapy?

We are in the business of addressing pain. Pain symptoms are usually exacerbated by: -Chronic Inflammation -Anxiety/chronic stress -Depression -Poor fluid exchange Regular and intermittent heat and cold exposure are proven to improve the above conditions.

full body vibration

Powerplate is a vibration platform that uses high-speed vibrations to stimulate, contract, and relax muscles. The vibrations can be up to 50 times per second and can be directed at specific areas of the body. Users can experience reduced stiffness, increased bone density, and strength.

Active Recovery Tools


At TMG we offer therapeutic massage ranging from relaxing, to sports massage, to deep tissue work.


Mobility Classes

Kinstretch is joint and tissue conditioning class geared towards improving pain free end range of motion. this class combines active joint rotations with passive stretching, and isometric contractions. This format can be offered in a small group setting as well as booked one on one or as a semi-private appointment.