Our Health and Performance coaches work with all types of clients, both “athletes” and those who don’t consider themselves “athletic”.  

To live a healthful life everyone, athlete or not, needs to maintain joint health and efficient movement habits. Once our joints and tissue lose their natural balance of stability and mobility we can unconsciously overload parts of our bodies and over time we increase our risk of injury and pain. Further, basic movements such as squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, etc are part of day to day life and not reserved for professional athletes. We squat when we sit down and get up from a chair, lunge when we climb stairs, push to open a door, or pull to pick up groceries. The older we get the less forgiving our bodies become: injuries take longer to heal, energy levels drop, and range of motion tends to reduce. The best way to stave off these “losses” is to keep moving in a way that intelligently challenges your body. The rule “use it or lose it” applies. Load or stress on our bodies is necessary to maintain both joints and muscles. An example is an atrophied arm after being casted for 6 plus weeks. Muscle tissue, unstressed in the cast, gets broken down (atrophies) because it is not used for extended periods of time. This is why we need to continue to load our body. 

A skilled coach will help you 

  • identify your goals 
  • Work towards them at a safe pace
  • Give feedback and optimize your movement patterns 
  • Fully customize your coaching program 
  • Include not just strength but also cardiovascular conditioning and mobility drills

Health and longevity are not reserved for athletes. Hiring a strength coach is an investment in yourself.