Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Movement Guild take insurance?

Yes! The Movement Guild accepts insurance for physical therapy. Upon registering for PT, one of our team members will verify your insurance benefits and inform you of your patient responsibility/costs prior to your first visit.

Is massage covered by insurance?

No, stand alone massages are not covered by insurance.

Do you have parking?

Yes! We have a free, 9-spot parking lot located on the side of our building on Paulina. Street parking is also free and available.

Are your classes suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! All of our classes (with the exception of special events, like our monthly Yoga Brunch and our Friday 2pm Yoga Mobility Flow) have a 6 person limit to ensure each individual gets the attention they need.

What does recovery mean?

Recovery refers to modalities and techniques that counter stress to the body. At The Movement Guild, this includes small group yoga and mobility classes, massage, our full-spectrum infrared sauna, our Normatec compression gear, and vibration tools such as the power plate, percussion guns, and rollers.

What does the Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna do?

The Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna is is a natural tool for healing and prevention to promote a healthier living. Invisible rays/lights are absorbed as heat which raises the body’s core temperature, resulting in a multitude of health benefits including detoxification, heart health, pain relief, stress relief, weight loss, skin and cell health, wound healing, and relief from arthritic pains.

What does the Normatec compression gear do?

The Normatec Compression System uses air pressure massage patterns to boost recovery. The pressure aims to massage limbs, mobilize fluids, and fight inflammation by increasing blood circulation to the targeted area. The gear can be attached to the arms, hips, and/or legs.

Do you have lockers?


Do you have yoga mats I can use?

We have a limited amount of yoga mats for client use. We suggest bringing your own!

Do you have private yoga classes?

Yes, we offer one-on-one yoga and mobility classes. Contact jessica@themovementguildchicago.com to schedule.

Do you have extra shorts/shirts I can borrow if I come straight from work?

Yes, we have different sizes of athletic shorts and shirts for patients to borrow while they are being treated.

Can I cancel/change an appointment the same day?

The Movement Guild charges a $75 cancellation fee for appointments cancelled on the same day.

Can you write down my exercises and/or make an exercise sheet for me?

We encourage patients to write down or film themselves doing their exercises, as it helps with retention and clears up any questions you might have.

Do you provide/sell any tools?

Yes! We sell resistance bands, traditional foam and vibrating rollers, and kinesiology tapes. Prices vary from $5 to $99.