Our coaches work with you to build habits of movement to enhance your fitness, performance, and health goals.  It is this habit of the right amount and type of movement that will lead to long term results.  We work with you to create programs that fit you and that you can do at home or at the gym. In addition to following along with your home workout routine we encourage you to stay active and make space for rest. We also know how busy you are and finding time to stay active isn’t easy. So try some of these tips to sneak in movement:

  • Take a walk. Try varying your speed or walking on the grass to challenge your body in a new way
  • Use your desk or a wall to add some mini stretches. One idea: create an L-shape with your body by placing your hands or elbows on the wall or desk and then walk your feet back until your torso is parallel to the ground. This should feel like a stretch for the back of your legs and the sides of your trunk.
  • Take conscious breathing breaks. Your diaphragm is one your most important core muscles. So breath work is core work. Check out this blog on breathing for more information.
  • Lastly, get enough sleep. This may sound cliche but the quality of your sleep is key for the health of your tissue. It helps restore and hydrate your muscles and helps increase your energy level during the day.
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