Personal training at The Movement Guild is often provided in conjunction with physical therapy for a few reasons. It is a natural next step after completing rehab. Many times we hear patients express the desire to be more active and continue with their exercises once PT is complete, Training can help to maintain the consistency required to stay out of pain.  Oftentimes, patients transition out of rehab by ‘combining’ PT & training: they schedule abbreviated PT sessions followed by a full training session supervised by the PT. This helps to provide confidence that they can be active while doing things outside of PT which is HUGE.

Training at TMG also reinforces behavior change that many seek because those training at The Guild also receive individual training programs by our trainers so you can maintain exercise on your own at home or at the gym. We have many clients that come in 1x every 4-6 weeks in order to have their training programs updated, similar to how they use our Physical Therapists for soft tissue maintenance.

Training at The Guild also provides you with confidence that your training sessions take place in the presence of a physical therapist! Our trainers and therapists speak the same ‘movement language’ and often communicate about strategies specifically for you to maintain consistency. We find this important because we often see people that have injured themselves at the gym with or without a trainer. Our trainers and therapists consistently collaborate on patients/clients to help book your personal training session  reinforce behavior change. 

Also, Physical therapy tends to work from the dysfunction towards overall function, what can be thought of as micro to macro progression, while our trainers tend to focus on overall function with a mindfulness towards the dysfunction, or macro to micro progression. In other words, it allows for a natural transition out of physical therapy in order to maintain activity.