How Massage & Personal Training Work Together (and why you need both).

Massage and movement increase circulation. More blood flow to your muscles and connective tissue means more hydrated cells. Unlike popular belief, drinking lots of water does not automatically translate to well hydrated tissue. Fluid needs to be moved through the many layers and types of tissue. That is where movement and massage come into play. Both help bring blood, oxygen & nutrients to tissue by changing the pressure within the tissue. Once tissue is nourished with blood & oxygen, your body is primed for easier movement. 

While all pain free movement is good for you, one on one sessions with an educated performance coach (which is what we call our trainers) can help you to meet your individual goals, help prevent injury (or re-injury), reinforce mobility & strength gains and are a powerful supplement to all the physical activities you like doing outside of your sessions.

Recovery and rest are critical to maintaining healthy tissue and preventing undue stress on your joints. Adding massage to your movement routines on a regular basis helps ensure that you not just feel less sore but can also resume your preferred activities faster with less fatigue.

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